Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself

I have just joined Blogging 101 Challenge. It is a platform where anyone can join to start blogging from scratch with a definitive guide. The only habit you need to follow is to complete the daily assignment for 30 days. However, they also provide a little guide with each assignment as well.

Today is the first day and the assignment is — Write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

Who am I

I’m another ordinary guy who belongs to a very ordinary family, and has completed graduation very ordinarily. I am 35, single, one of four in the family. Let me keep the rest with me now or for later updates.

But, do these facts matter for you or for rest of the world?

For me, it doesn’t. Everybody acquires these numbers when they come to the world and end up with the numbers when they die. Can they hold or adjust these numbers anyway? No—they can’t.

The Only thing that matters is who you are as a contributor—your identity as a contributor to your family, to your society, to your nation or to the world.

We have a default story when we come to the world. No choice with that. But then we can transform the story along the way and that story matters to the world.

Why I am here

Let me be a contributor. Let me transform my story so that it matters to you.

I want to be a freelance writer.

And I have started from the first requirement—writing. I am very poor at the moment though. You can see my poor English in this post. But as suggested by many experienced freelance writer—one can improve only when he or she makes a habit of writing.

So, I am on my way. I do follow some freelance blogs. But, I know those tips and valuable advice won’t work if I don’t put them into practice.

Why Blogging 101?

Well, the best thing about this platform is that—it’s FREE! 🙂

And you also have a definitive guide what to do and when.

Most of all, the community: I can connect with newbie like me or with the bloggers who are in intermediate stage. The accountability to the community will push me expressing myself through writing and sharing.

My humble submission: please give feedback whatever I write. Be brutal if you find any nonsense, at the same time, do suggest what I should improve and how.