I Am Back

I had started this blog to practice writing, develop writing skills so as to get freelance writing jobs.

I was so excited. I started writing soon after setting this blog up; squeezed my brain out to put the best words in my writing. I came out with my first blog post. Most were a mess though I continued. I published the second one, the third and soon….

I stopped.

I got busy with other things (not unimportant though). Whenever I had anything to write, I started pushing it for next day. I felt: it’s just yesterday I couldn’t write—today’s already gone—will write tomorrow for sure….

And that tomorrow never came. Guess what? six months passed by—zero word whatsoever.

It’s embarrassing for me writing this because I can see you feel pity on me. Yet I want to face it. I want to start again.

What Made Me Come Back

It wasn’t because writing became boring for me, nor that it’d entirely look creepy for readers. I just didn’t write—for absolutely no valid reason.

In the beginning, it was more of excitement that drove me than the foresight and planning. I am as excited as before for the same purpose; but more that kicked me this time are some realisations while staying out of writing.

For My Online Existence

Any sort of business to grow online, one has to be in touch with their audience constantly. Clear and compassionate communication compels the audience to come back and share the content with others, too.

I’ve seen successful online entrepreneurs talk to their audience through every possible online modes. Their ability to convey their message to the audience sets them apart from the rest.

But they accept that neither of them was good writer in the beginning. They’ve developed practising it.

It’s Time to Challenge Myself

I did it many times in the past. Sometimes I succeeded and many a times failed, too. I treasure and cherish those experiences. I also had brilliant learning each out of them.

I saw bloggers and freelancers growing whom I follow regularly. All of them started from the scratch and now making a fat amount and live their own way.

So far as I understand them, at some point of their life they challenged themselves to do something better for their life and they delved into it. They left no stone unturned until they reach to their desired destination. Of course, they followed a plan and stuck around it.

I am probably at the same juncture in my life. And it’s the right time to challenge myself for something beautiful in my life.

Final Words

I have a rough plan in my mind. But, I want to keep it simple: to write regularly. I believe that’s the only thing that can walk me through all the bumps coming across the road. As I said, I want to face it. At the same time, I seek your honest feedback so that I stay on track and turn out as a better writer.