Day 5: Love Your Theme

Today is day 5 of Blogging 101 challenge. Today’s assignment: try out at least three other themes — even if you’re happy with the one you first chose. Try one you’re drawn to, and one you would never use.

What would I write about?

It used to come to my mind when I ever though of blogging.

And the second big one was “How my blog would look like?”

“Am I going to look like another shit with some weird text on the web?”

“Ok, not now. I’ll come up with a better idea.”

It was like I was searching for Mr. Universe withing myself without exercising, without going to ramp.

Lots of such question hold me back before I could finally decide to start blogging. I was able to come out of those blocks. Will surely write later on that.

If you haven’t started one yet, I am sure you are stuck with either one of the above issues. Let me tell you, those are good concern. But it doesn’t necessarily stop you from blogging. I learned it late with deep regret.

When you start a blog, it is important how you carry your thoughts and feelings to the people through an enticing, eye-catching frame on the web. It’s like your beautiful entrance door on the cloud.

How do you like the entrance-door of your beautiful house to be?

Attractive, stylish, pleasant…?

We are blessed with a spontaneous choice of everything which are attractive, pleasant to our eyes in first place. It depends on color-mix, structure, placement etc.

Same with the blog theme.

You might write the next most readable or shareable content on the web. But, if you can’t attract readers through the basic element of your blog, it will rest in peace in the web-grave.

If you can’t attract visitors through your beautiful entrance door, nobody cares what’s inside.

So, the theme is equally important as that of your blogging subject.

My Theme: The Best Choice

The theme should be selected sensibly. But again it shouldn’t stuck you for months to choose one. And it also should not feel like the “other one was better.”

Once you have opted one, love it.

Love it like your girlfriend—the best in the universe.

And hey, she will never ditch until you do..:p

My love: Big Brother. Oh, he is my boyfriend! Lol.

The default color mix is best. Head-thread is thick and blue. Side bar blocks are slightly bluish. H1 fonts are bold and big. H2 and text fonts are considerably larger in size.

On the whole, you can lean back and read every single word clearly. Background, thread and font colors mingling each other to give readers a breeze to go through the articles.

I am not going to check any other theme. I am loving my boyfriend. He is so attractive, a damn killer.

More I write, more I fall in love with the theme.

I have found one, what about you? Have you found your girlfriend; how she is? Do give feedback and suggestion in the comment section below.


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