Day 4: Why It Is Justified To Call Me Fool

Call me a fool. I won’t mind.

At all!

Surprised or feeling awkward? Why on earth someone asking to call himself a fool?

Well, I know, you are humble enough to do so, but I am unable to consider myself anything less than that.

Of course, there are reason. But first let me take you through a story which might give you an idea why I am so harsh on myself.

Two close friends were making so hard for their living. They always prayed to God to pull out of the situation so that they could live a well-to-do life.

One day, kind God appeared before them and asked to close their eyes. Then he gave one piece of silver to one friend and a piece of gold to the other; he blessed them and disappeared.

Both the friends were happy with whatever they got from God.

The name of one friend who received gold was Tom. Tom bought a treasure box, put the gold in it and kept the box in secrete place. He used to pull out the box, unlock and check the gold shining. It turned be his daily ritual. He did nothing with the gold other than that. He was just happy having gold in his treasure box.

The other friend, Eric started hunting for ways and means to earn more money. He realized that he could start a new business by selling the silver bar with him. He sold it and started a business with the money he got. He also had to move to other place for his business purpose.

Slowly, his business started to grow and few years later, he was able make a fortune with his business.

Tom, on the other hand, yet doing nothing other than guarding his treasure box.

They remained disconnected for years. However, they were still good friends.

One day Eric came down to his own town to meet Tom. Eric said to Tom that he was going to start trading on golds very soon and if he is interested, he can join as partner.

This put Tom in a big shock. He realized that he had made a big mistake just keeping the gold in the treasure box for years.

Tom agreed and they started the business.

So, what would you like to call Tom when he was just guarding the box?

A smart? Not at all.

Even Gold is just another piece of metal if you don’t realize it or don’t know how to utilize it in your favor.

Few years back, when I was introduced to online world, I was amazed by the activities going on, and how people were making from few hundred dollars to six figure a year on virtual world—with seemingly less amount of work.

It was mesmerizing.

Specially the figures. And also because they were all passive—at least according to the people who were making it.

Won’t you like passive income? Surely you will.

I also became passionate to build some earning source online—not essentially a passive one though.

But, I didn’t take any action at that time.

And years after, my realizations are same as that of Tom.

Starting from Basics

Above all, one foremost thing I realized is that the text content still rules the  web traffic. When you are good at expressing yourself through writing that connects with the readers—people are going follow you. Read you.

Writing opens up many ventures in the web business: content writing, blogging, freelancing, online marketing and many more.

So, even though I am late, I am starting my journey with basics—writing.

Let me learn how to express online and experience the odds if any.

What about you? What made you start again and why? Do give feedback and suggestions in the comment section below.


2 thoughts on “Day 4: Why It Is Justified To Call Me Fool

  1. Wonderful thought.. It will be amazing how many of us, do this.. Buy precious metals and store them up in the hope they will multiply by themselves… Gr8 one.. Cheers.. Rajesh


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