Day 2: Say Your Name

Happy to be here on Blogging 101 Challenge. Today is Day 2.

Today’s assignment : edit your title and tagline.

I am quite aware of the title and the tagline. As I said earlier, I want to be a freelance writer.

Freelancing is not an easy job in first place. At least for me now.

Freelancing is something one need to do professionally. Before you pitch for a freelance writing job, you have to be confident enough about your writing.

It all starts with pretty basic—writing.

No excuse, no escape.

Until you scale your writing to a level where you feel confident about writing on any topic, I think you can’t really go for professional writing. It doesn’t mean that it has be the next Shakespeare’s. But, at least to the extent that your content appeals the readers to read through.

One thing that can develop all of us as a better and confident writer is acquiring a habit of writing daily. It is better said than done though. Look at me, I am writing day 2 assignment on day 4. The reasons for not completing the daily assignments are endless. And I know that those logic are justified to me only—not for you.

For you, those are excuses. People are not around here to listen to excuses. Nobody cares whether you write or enjoy beer. But they definitely care and appreciate for one who dedicates himself for better future.

Essentially the daily assignments are meant for developing writing and blogging skills. And the deadlines are to check your dedication towards it.

One learning point here is: self discipline.

Don’t you feel so?

The discipline and dedication can develop my daily writing habit. And of course, completing daily assignments.

Tagline In Right Context

I am at ground zero right now. My English is pretty poor so as the style and tone.

I am really messed up what to write and how.

So, You can see, I have lot of things to improve about writing. But I am happy that the starting has been pretty good so far and people are liking my blog even though I am a bit tardy at the moment.

I think, the tagline gives a perfect context what my blog is all about.

Are my writings falling in line with the title and tagline? Do you think any exception? I appeal all of you to give your valuable feedback in the comment section.


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